A Backpacking Guide for People Traveling to Batangas

The Batangas region in the Philippines is one of the country’s most stunning spots. It’s not only naturally beautiful – which oodles of naturally glorious nature spots to explore – but the city itself and the towns and villages in the area that surround it are friendly, welcoming and offer a unique bit of culture themselves.

What is there to do in the area?

Well because of how diverse the area is, you really can have your absolute pick. The variety is endless – there are endless beaches to enjoy and relax on as well all the wonderful activities you can do on the beach and in the water – such as snorkeling, fishing, boating, swimming, etc. But if you prefer dry land – there is a lot to do on dry land too, so don’t forget to get out of the water at some point! Aside from the beautiful city there is to explore, you’ll also find cultural temples, the shrine of General Miguel Malvar (the last general to surrender to the Americans during the Revolution) and even beautiful churches such as the Basilica of Martin de Tours. There are also loads of festivals that take place too, such as the ParadangLechon and the Tapusan festival – both held in the summer months. If you love to explore though – this city is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, which are just waiting to be explored.

So what should you pack for your visit?

Well, because there is so much variety in the area and so many activities to take part in – you’ll need a variety of clothing and lots of different bits and bobs. Here’s a list of things you’ll need:

1. A Backpack: Because you’re going to need something sturdy to keep your day to day things in. A small bag isn’t quite enough – so a good backpack is going to be helpful and necessary.

2. A Medical Pack: A small medical pack is a must for anyone travelling, something simple that includes plasters, disinfectant, blister plasters, bandage and pain killers – should do.

3. Insect Repellent: There are Mozzies in this area – so having bug repellent is going to be something you need to have with you. Not only because it’s make you feel more comfortable but also because it’ll make your trip far more pleasant (when you’re not itching bites)!

4. A swimming costume: Of course you need this – the beaches here are stunning and you’ll want to dive right in!

5. Walking Shoes: Walking shoes are paramount in this area especially if you plan on exploring the local wildlife and nature! The nearby mountains can be a little bit of a challenge for flip-flops after all!

7. Flip Flops: Perfect for the beach and exploring the local towns and villages.

8. Summer clothes: This part of the world is pretty hot at times and can be humid too – so you’ll need to pack some light and airy clothes. As you’ll probably be sweating too – you’ll want them to be quick drying.

9. Deodorant: For the reasons outlined above!

10. A Camera: Because you’ll want to take photographs of all the gorgeous places you’re going and seeing, to keep those memories safe and sound!

11. Sunglasses and a sunhat: To keep you safe from the sun and to prevent UV damage around the eyes. If you’re a glasses wearer – then prescription sun glasses are a great idea.

12. Sun Cream and After Sun: It’s obviously important to protect yourself from the sunshine in this area so make sure you’ve got yourself sorted on that front. Holidays become very unfriendly when you have sun burn!

13. A water bottle: This is to carry with you during the day when the humidity can get quite high. Having a bottle of water with you – and ensuring you drink it, stops the dehydration setting in.

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