Batangas Resorts in 20 Pictures

Known to be a relaxed and friendly place for all guests who visits Batangas Resorts, it is considered to be a nice stop in Southern Luzon. Breathtaking beaches can be found in some parts of the province beside world-class diving spot  of Anilao Batangas.

People who loves beach hopping and the sun can enjoy their stay in the province. On the other hand, people who enjoy nightlife could enjoy staying in one of the many bars and restaurants in their resorts or even in the shore

Batangas Resorts has become the target vacation spot. team building destionation and company outings of many people because of the great sceneries and activities that visitors could explore while within the city’s territory. There are still a lot to expect when visiting the island and many guarantees that your stay will be worthwhile once you decide to explore the wonders that Batangas Resorts has to offer.

aguila beach resort

Aguila Beach Resort by Lychnos Photography

outrigger resort

Anilao Outrigger Resort by Victor Bautista


Cross Marker Outrigger Resort by =Doy

balai anilao

Sarap ng Buhay by krisbu

balai anilao

Balai Anilao by altisboy2002

Sunset from Eagle Point Resort by Nilesh Korgaokar

Matabungkay Beach by Hyougushi

balai anilao

Batangas @ Balai Resort by dustfactorz

canyon cove

Canyon Cove by Crush78MB

 tide water resort

Tide Water Resort by James Singlador

club balai isabel

Club Balai Isabel by ronrag

aquatico laiya batangas

Aquatico Laiya Batangas by spiderwaui 

Acuatico Beach Resort by MS BEKIMON

Palm Beach by jovijovijovi

tivona beach resort

Tivona Beach Resort by MS BEKIMON

blue coral

Blue Coral Resort by MS BEKIMON

la virginia

La Virginia Resort by Carl James

el madero

El Madero by gudm8

resort house lobo

Resort House Lobo by Manoi_Rule

lobo beach

View form the Resort by kj.mag


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