Popular Festivals Celebrated in Batangas

Festivals or Fiestas are incredible in the Philippines and this is one of the reasons why It’s More Fun to visit every province. Batangas, being one of the most visited provinces in Southern Luzon, has quite a number of festivals. This is a quick summary of the festivals that are held and celebrated annually in the Province of Batangas.

Although the festival images that you see are beautiful, nothing compares to finding out more and going to take part in one yourself.

The following are the festivals that are held/celebrated annually in the Province of Batangas

  • Dagit (Holy Week) in Ibaan (March/April)
  • Yamang Dagat Festival in Mabini (23-Apr)
  • Pabitin Festival in Balete (1-May)
  • Sublian Festival in Bauan (2-May)
  • Piyesta ng Tinapay in Cuenca (16-May)
  • Balsa Festival in Lian (18-May)
  • Regatta Maria Paz in Tanauan City (30-May)
  • Tapusan Festival in Aligtagtag (31-May)
  • Grand La Paz in Agoncillo (Last Sunday of May)
  • Sinukmani Festival in Rosario (9-Jun)
  • Parada ng Lechon in Balayan (24-Jun)
  • Sublian in Batangas City (23-Jul)
  • Maliputo Festival in San Nicolas (9-Aug)
  • Kambingan Festival in Tuy (12-Aug)
  • Sigpawan Festival in Lemery (15-Aug)
  • Bancaton in San Nicolas (10-Sep)
  • Lomi Festival in Lipa City (23-Sep)
  • Anihan Festival in Lobo (27-Sep)
  • Eggstravaganza in San Jose (1st Friday of October)
  • Calacatchara Festival in Calaca (Every October)
  • Kabakahan Festival in Padre Garcia (1-Dec)
  • Mardi Gras in Nasugbu (2-Dec)
  • Ala Eh Festival in the whole Province of Batangas (8-Dec)
  • Lambayak Festival in San Juan (12-Dec)

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