Foods to try in Batangas

When traveling, one of the best highlights of your adventure is to taste the delicacies that are being offered in that certain  place. When visiting one of Batangas Resorts there are foods you should not miss to try.

Most people who have been to Batangas said that visiting the place is one of the best moments of their lives because of the great experience that they had while staying there. They also give great commendation to every food that they have eaten in Batangas because BatangueƱos has a different way of cooking. One wouldn’t complete his or her Batangas trip if he or she has not tasted one of Batangas best delicacies.

Here are some foods that travelers should not miss to try while having a vacation at one of Batangas Resorts.

batangas lomi

Batangas Lomi Image by: karlaredor

Lomi – your visit in Batangas will not be completed without tasting our very own Batangas lomi. Lomi houses has been a part of the roads and towns of the province. Its a must taste delicacy, you can try different lomi dishes on various places of the province. So better not miss this when you visit Batangas.

batangas kaldereta

Batangas Kalderetang Kambing Image by: Overseas Pinoy Cooking

Kalderetang Kambing (stewed goats meat) – A popular delicacy in the province, especially during the town fiestas. Here in batangas, kaldereta is cooked differently,  tomato sauce is a no no. Try this delicacy next time you visit in the province during fiestas, or order in the nearest local hotels and restaurants.

batangas bulalo

Batangas Bulalo Image by: Esca.Be.Che and friends

Bulalo (beef bone marrow and shank boiled) –  another common batangas delicacy along the highway of  different parts of the province. Most of the restaurants, some hotels and resorts serve bulalo as their special meal. Another not-to-miss delicacy, Beef here in batangas is considered as one of the best in the Philippines.

tapang taal

Tapang Taal Image by: Table for three please

Tapang Taal –  is considered the main product of Taal Batangas, This tapa (jerked pork) got its taste from being marinated in soy sauce, garlic and calamansi. It’s best enjoyed for breakfast, with garlic rice and sunny side up egg on the side. In the town of Taal, it is even served with hot tablea (cocoa) chocolate poured in rice. Food lovers must  try this when you visiting the town of Taal.

batangas adobo sa dilaw

Batangas Adobo sa Dilaw image by: Overseas Pinoy Cooking

Adobong Dilaw – Be amazed on how Batanguenos cook their adobo’s on a different way. Adobo is usually cooked with soy sauce in most parts of the Philippines. Batanguenos cooks it with yellow ginger instead of soy sauce. Making adobo in Batangas with a distinctive color of yellowish green. Must try!


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