Reasons to Visit Batangas

Batangas – A province in the Philippines located at the south-western part of Luzon in CALABARZON region. Surrounded by Cavite and Laguna Province in the north, Quezon Province in the east, Mindoro Province on its south and the South China Sea located on the west side of Batangas, which is the reason why most of the towns are surrounded with water, thus leaving batangas with its famous beaches and marine life and flora.

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Batangas has 31 municipalities and 3 cities. Batangueños, local residents, speaks tagalog but in a deep and melodic way. English is well understood and spoken in the province. Famous with its historic contribution, lovely beaches and beautiful people, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a travel destination.

Local residents from Luzon and tourists around the world make Batangas their favorite travel destination because its only 2 to 3 hours drive from Manila Airport. Batangas offers attractive beaches that can give you choices of the different activities to do.

Visit Batangas’ Beaches and Resorts – Facing the South China Sea on its West side, Batangas has a lot of scenic beaches and diving spots which tourists love giving you all the reason to visit and explore the wonders of batangas resorts.

Explore Batangas’ Diving Spots – Gifted with beautiful beaches, Batangas also has a lot of Diving Spots located in Anilao Batangas and different parts of the province.

Pray in Churches – Province with religious locals, Batangas also has a lot of churches you have to see when visiting the province. Drive around the towns of Taal, Mabini, Lipa and Batangas City, to see the basilicas and Old Spanish houses.

Visit the Historical Sites and Landmarks – Rich in Historic background, Batangas offers some of the country’s historic sites and heroes.  If you are interested in seeing some of its history drop by around the towns of Mabini, Taal, Tanauan, Lipa and Batangas City.

Celebrate Fiestas – Culture rich province, Batangueños are friendly and festive people. Visit the province in different time of the year and you will be stunned by each festivities celebrated all year round in each of its Towns.

Batangas is really a haven of peace and relaxation, fun and beauty! Definitely a place for the whole family and friends to enjoy.

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