12 Little-Known Facts About Batangas Province

Think you’re clued up on all there is to know about our beloved Batangas Province? Think again! There’s a whole lot of info about the province that you’re unlikely to be familiar with. So, in an effort to keep you on your toes, here are some of the best from this unofficial guide of facts compiled which you have never heard before.

1. Diving paradise Anilao, in the province of Batangas, is the theme of a picture book that bagged the International Prize for Underwater Images at the 27th World Festival of Underwater Images in France in November 2000. 


2. Lipa City in Batangas is dubbed as the “Rome of the Philippines” because of the number of seminaries, convents, monasteries, retreat houses, and a famous cathedral located in it.

cbcp news seminaries tagle


3. Batangas is also well-known for its products such as the balisong (butterfly knife), kapeng barako (brewed coffee), and embroideries. 



4. It is popular for its beaches and diving spots.You can find them in Mabini, Lian, Nasugbu, and Laiya.

batangas beaches

5. The first Miss Philippines, 20 year-old Anita Agoncillo Noble of Lemery, Batangas, chosen at the 1st National Beauty Contest of 1926. Anita comes from a distinguished family of patriots and revolutionists. 

anita agoncillo noble

6. Batangas is also generally accepted by linguists as the ‘Heart of the Tagalog Language’.


7. Batangas is also where Taal Volcano, one of the Decade Volcanoes is located. The volcano has a water-filled crater and sits on an island in the center of Taal Lake, which geologists believe is an ancient caldera. Also one of the smallest active volcano in the world.

taal volcano


8. Basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas built by Augustinian Missionaries in 1572, is reputed to be the biggest catholic church in East Asia. It is so huge that it can house another big church.

Taal Batangas Church

9. There are 300 species of corals on Verde Island Passage and considered as one with the largest concentrations of corals in the Philipines and in the world. Verde Island Passage is also dubbed as the world’s “center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity,”

verde island passage


10. San Jose, Batangas is considered the egg basket of the Philippines. Supplies about 30% of the country’s eggs. About 10% of the municipality’s businesses are part of the egg industry.

san jose egg basket marker


11. Maliputo (cranx ignobilis), muslo (cranx marginalis) and tawilis (harengula tawilis) is unique and endemic to Taal lake.



12. Lipa city is the 3rd coldestplace, 1st is Baguio, 2nd is Tagaytay.

lipa city hall

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