Experience Sublian Festival in Batangas

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What is Sublian Festival?

In performing arts, there is a dance that is just as instantly associated with Batangas: the “Subli,” a hauntingly beautiful dance with contortive moves made by men and women to rhythmic beatings of the drum and clacking of castanets.

The Origins of the “Subli”

The Subli is a form of religious ceremony which originated in the barrio of Alitagtag where the Holy Cross, the patron saint of Bauan, was found. Formerly, it was danced only in that barrio, and at the front of the Holy Cross, but it is now danced everywhere. It was said that the first dance of its kind was performed by the women, that wife harshly treated by the husband, when after seeing her bucket being filled with water, sprang from her kneeling position and by his joy, did all the kinds of motions to express her thankfulness. Source.

Sublian came from the word subli, a combination of the words subsub, a Tagalog word, which means falling on the head, or being in a stooped or crouching position; and bali, a Tagalog word, which means broken or bent.

When is Sublian Festival Celebrated?

Sublian Festival is held during the Foundation Day of Batangas City every 23rd of July.

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Why is Sublian Festival Celebrated?

The purpose of Sublian Festival is to revive the tradition of dancing the Subli, which is indigenous to the province. This dance ritual is being done to pay homage to Sto. NiƱo the Child Jesus, Batangas City and to the Holy Cross of Bauan and Agoncillo.

Is Sublian Festival Religious?

Mainly religious in origin, the highlight of the two-week long festival is the subli dance, a worship dance of the Holy Cross.

Sublian Festival in Pictures

drums used in sublian festival

float parade in sublian festival 2

float parade in sublian festival 3

float parade in sublian festival

miss philippines earth in sublian parade

SM Batangas float entry

street dance subli 2

street dance subli

subli drummer

sublian 2

sublian 3

sublian dance

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