List of Batangas Beach Destinations

Batangas beaches will always be a popular choice for a getaway for people living in the Metro. Fortunately, the Batangas offers nice and amazing beaches.

Beach resorts in Batangas are some of the places that tourists will surely love and have a good time with. It’s a perfect vacation destination for individuals and groups. The towns of San Juan, Mabini, Calatagan, Lian, Lobo, and Nasugbu are known to be the specific places to go to for its famous beaches.

So why not hit the road, travel for just 2 to 3 hours or less and take a dip in one of these awesome beaches.

1. Anilao Mabini Batangas Dive Sites

Probably one of the best diving spots in the world, Anilao Mabini Batangas, is blessed with a majestic view over and marvelous creations under the sea, Anilao is definitely a diver’s haven.

camp netanya

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Dive sites and resorts are scattered all over the municipality of Mabini. The waters surrounding Anilao are swarming with sea life, bounty of corals and amazing variety of fishes thus leaving the town of Mabini famous for its dive locations and underwater beauty.

Beach resorts: Camp Netanya, Anilao Beach Club, Aquaventure Reef Club, Casita Ysabel, Bambu Villa Resort, Eagle Point Resort, Mayumi Resort, Sea Spring Resort

2. Laiya Beach San Juan Batangas

Laiya is known with its pristine white sand and crystal clear water perfect for swimming, diving and other outdoor activities. It is indeed a perfect hideaway if you would like to withdraw from the noise and stress of the city. This is where you’ll get a real taste of quiet solitude and rest with your loved ones.

aquatico san juan laiya batangas

Beach resorts: Acuatico Beach Resort & HotelAcuaverde Beach Resort & HotelPalm Beach ResortVirgin Beach ResortLa Luz Beach Resort & SpaPaseo Verde Beach ResortResidencia Laiya Beach House InnSabangan Beach Resort

3. Beach Resorts in Lobo

The town of Lobo also boasts fine and enchanting beaches, though only a few have unearthed the beauty of its shorelines. Certain beaches are perfect for snorkeling, diving and underwater photography. One can view different sea creatures at clear and knee-deep waters. Flying fish hopping in harmony is a common spectacle. While at nighttime, luminous planktons light up the sea.

almalin beach resort isla verde

Although the roads leading to Lobo are narrow and bumpy, you will drive along the scenic view of the mountains. Some resorts in the area are quite undeveloped, but one should consider visiting Lobo as a perfect haven for beach lovers who want a quiet break.

Beach Resorts: Andrea Beach Resort, Almalin Beach Resort, Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort, Submarine Garden Resort, Submarine Garden , Gerthel Beach Resort, Honey Beach Resort, Butterfly Beach House

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4. Lian Matabungkay Beach Resorts

Ensembling a unique, beautiful and enchanting scenery that could capture anyone’s eye for beauty. Famous with its bamboo rafts floating all over the bay and known for its white sand beaches is the most popular beach among tourists. The strip of shoreline is full of resorts and hotels. 

matabungkay beach resort and hotel

Boasting its seashore of white sand, a one-of-a-kind beach in Batangas that is very rich when it comes to history, traditions, culture and also with so many natural attractions. One can enjoy a laid back lifestyle when visiting a resort in Lian Batangas.

Beach resorts: Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel and Coral Beach Club

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