Essential Things You Need to Pack for Your Trip to Batangas

Packing for any trip should come with a game plan: you’ll want to do so efficiently, neither under nor over-packing. This does pose an interesting question, though. What exactly you should bring on your trip to Batangas? Here are a few essential items that should definitely go into your bag.

Money (Philippine Peso)

If possible, have extra money on your wallet or have your money converted to Philippine Peso before traveling to Batangas. Credit cards aren’t widely accepted, and many establishments don’t take them. You can also keep your money in a discreet money belt or this under your clothes to keep it safe.

Emergency information

Most people keep their emergency contacts and travel information on their mobile devices or their laptops, but you never know when technology will decide to work against you. Keep a couple of printouts and keep them on you at all times when you go sightseeing, so that you always have the information on hand when you need it.


This is essential for those who are maintaining medication. It is important because some people can’t just buy medicine without their doctor’s prescription drug. It’s also wise to keep a stock of over-the-counter medicines in case of emergency or sickness.


Travelling to a splendid province with many scenic spots, you surely don’t wanna miss anything. Taking photos is certainly a necessity! Do you have any tips or essentials that comes in handy when travelling? Share and comment them down below.

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