Where to Eat in Batangas City

Last Updated @ 24 Sep 2022, 9:31pm

We always like to provide the highest level of service possible for all of our travelers, so we’ve decided to share our recommended restaurants list with you. Every restaurant on this list is one that we have personally eaten at. We’ll make sure to find more great restaurants to add to the list.

You’ll find tips here that will help you find amazing food right across Batangas. Feel free to tell your waiter or the owner of the restaurant that My Resorts Batangas recommended them.


Johanna’s Grill


Butch Seafood and Grill Restaurant


Brewista Coffee & Hookah Lounge


Share Cafe

M. Pastor Avenue | Pallocan West, Batangas City, Luzon 4200, Philippines

Wanam sa Bukid Restaurant


F. Baylosis


Irene’s Bulalo sa Kubo

We would also love to hear your recommendations on the best restaurants you’ve found in Batangas City during your travels. Tell us about the best places you’ve discovered to eat during your visit and we’ll be sure to check them out. If we love the restaurants you’ve recommended, we’ll add them to our list with a shout-out to you for giving us the tip!

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