A Summer Retreat at One Laiya, Batangas

Last Saturday (May 18,2024), my wife's company outing took us to the pristine shores of One Laiya in Batangas. While I've visited Laiya before, One Laiya was an entirely new experience for me. From the moment we arrived, I was captivated by the fine white sand, the inviting shoreline, and the promise of exciting adventures awaiting us.

A Beach Lover's Delight

As we stepped onto the beach, the first thing that struck me was the impeccable cleanliness of the surroundings. The soft, powdery sand stretched out before us, beckoning us to kick off our shoes and sink our toes into its warmth. The shoreline, surprisingly shallow, was perfect for leisurely wading into the crystal-clear waters.

Activities Galore

One Laiya is a haven for beach enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. The resort offers a range of activities to suit every taste. From beach volleyball courts where friendly competitions ensued to thrilling water sports like jet skiing and banana boat rides, there was never a dull moment.

Crowded Yet Cozy

The resort was abuzz with activity, as families and corporate groups reveled in the summer sun. While the lively atmosphere added to the sense of camaraderie, it also meant that the beach was bustling with laughter and chatter. However, the cottages were strategically placed, offering a sense of privacy amidst the crowd. Although, I must admit, the distant sound of nearby videoke machines occasionally disrupted the tranquility.

Standout Moment

Amidst the hustle and bustle, the standout moment for me was undoubtedly the cleanliness of the beach and the quality of the sand. It's rare to find such pristine shores that are meticulously maintained. One Laiya's commitment to cleanliness truly sets it apart and makes it an ideal destination for large gatherings and corporate events.

Recommendations for Future Visitors

For those seeking a lively atmosphere and plenty of activities to keep them entertained, One Laiya is the perfect destination. However, if you're craving a quiet, tranquil getaway, it might be wise to plan your visit during off-peak times to avoid the crowds.

Final Thoughts

Our summer retreat to One Laiya was nothing short of spectacular. From the breathtaking beauty of the beach to the endless array of activities, it was a trip filled with unforgettable moments. While it may not be the quietest of destinations, its charm lies in its vibrant energy and the sense of community it fosters. If you're looking for a beach getaway that combines fun in the sun with pristine surroundings, One Laiya is the place to be.

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